The core facility for cell imaging CellImaP is a part of University of Burgundy health domain. With its experience, its equipment fleet and its ISO 9001 certification, CellImaP offers expertise in the preparation of biological samples for research projects of public ou private sector ; no thematic, institutional or geographical condition are required.
To enable a rapid analysis of your samples such as cells, organs, small animals, plants or other, CellImaP is organized in three services :

  1. Service of Histology and Cytology
  2. Service of Electron Microscopy
  3. Service of Optical Microscopy and Image analysis

These services work closely for the total management of your samples, preparation for observation and / or analysis of results, or partial, depending on your demand.
The core facility also provides an advisory role to assist and guide you on your project, and a role of training in various techniques to enable users to achieve a sufficient degree of autonomy in the use of our equipment.